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On This Day ....... 14th April 1965 PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 11 April 2015 09:33
50 years ago today Alec Wood netted 5 goals at The Grove in a 7-0 win over Tamworth, below is an article that appeared on our official website 5 years ago to recall that occasion:
"There was a time when many successful football teams included in their line-ups a Scottish creative, skilful player with flair. In the 1960’s at The Grove, Alec Wood was such a player and he also scored a highly respectful amount of goals. In 171 appearances he netted 60 times and, playing alongside others such as the equally stylish and creative Mel Adams, he made a major contribution to a highly entertaining Yeltz side that rivalled any other era.
One night Alec Wood placed himself into Yeltz history when, on 14th April 1965, he became one of only 3 Yeltz players to score 5 times in a match (Ronnie Dugmore twice & Geoff Moss are the other two). Our fierce rivals Tamworth arrived at The Grove in a high league position themselves and were to end the season scoring 101 goals but on that memorable April Wednesday night they were despatched in a 7 goals to nil hammering.
50 Years Ago at The Yeltz - 1964 PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 07 August 2014 13:08
Yeltz fans are excitedly looking forward to this season, their first in the Northern Premier.  50 years ago there was thrilling football at The Grove too, we regularly scored above 100 goals in a season. The picture shows The Grove in those days in a match against Stourbridge and before the 1980s construction of the tiered terraced.
David Eades and Alec Wood 1964-65
30 Years Ago -17 May 1983 PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 26 April 2013 10:26
On this day 30 years ago, The Yeltz travelled to Ledbury for a West Midlands League match. The reverse fixture had been an easy 8-0 Yeltz victory at The Grove, including Don Smith & Lee Joinson hat-tricks, but nothing remarkable was expected to happen this time as the League title had been secured some time ago. Geoff Moss - Halesowen Town Football Club
Having reached Wembley in the FA Vase for the first time and also, 6 days previously, lifted the League Cup with a 1 – 0 win against Hednesford, a fixtures backlog had stacked up. 11 matches had to be played in the month of May and Ledbury was the 9th. 
In the event, our striker GEOFF MOSS chose the match to write himself into the Yeltz record books as it was only the 5  time since the Club reformed in 1946 that a player scored 5 goals in a match, which ended in another 8-0 Yeltz victory. The last occasion had been Alec Wood against Tamworth in 1965 and the feat has not since been repeated.  Geoff is pictured above celebrating one of Wembley FA Vase goals.
50 Years Ago - 1963 Big Freeze PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 01 January 2013 21:48

This afternoon the sun shone down on The Grove on the first day of the new year 2013 and at last there was respite from the recent dismal downpours.

50 years ago we suffered extreme weather of a different nature. Heavy snow showers, with deep drifts, affected the whole of the country.


On Boxing Day 1962, The Yeltz had travelled to Moor Green and came away easy winners when goals from Ronnie Dugmore (2), Billy Hargreaves (2), Sammy Roberts & Alec Wood brought a 6-1 victory. This had been hard earned, however, as en route to the ground it was " all hands on deck" as our coach had to be dug out of a snowdrift.
With the snow and freezing conditions persisting, back at The Grove there are memories of there being a 9 feet drift in a corner at the Old Hawne Lane end.
After that Boxing Day match, the weather had such a devastating effect on competitive sport at our level that we did not play again until the 2nd March 1963 at Stourbridge with action returning to The Grove later that month.
2 months without The Yeltz, how would we cope?..........
4th December 1982 PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 29 November 2012 21:29

30 years ago today, Halesowen Town played Bridgnorth Town in the FA Vase at The Grove. Since we had first entered the competition in 1975, our best season had been in 1977/78 when we won through 4 rounds before exiting away at Oldbury United.

When Manager Paddy Page sent out the following line-up against Bridgnorth, nobody could have foreseen the dramatic transformation that was to take place at our football club and would see us rocket from an ordinary West Midlands League outfit to one with national recognition;

Phil Caldicott, Mark Penn, Stuart Edmonds, Mark Lacey, Les Randle, Robert Shilvock, Malcolm Hazelwood, Don Smith, John Woodhouse, Paul Joinson, Lee Joinson. Sub: Geoff Moss

Season 1951/52 PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 22 October 2011 10:31
60 years ago Southern League football was just a fantasy dream for The Yeltz as there was no non-league pyramid to move along, whether upwards or downwards. There was just the one division and the clubs competing were; Merthyr Tydfil, Guildford , Worcester , Weymouth, Kidderminster, Kettering, Headington Utd, Hereford Utd, Yeovil, Gloucester, Chelmsford, Lovells Athletic, Cheltenham, Bath, Barry, Dartford, Tonbridge, Gravesend, Llanelly, Hastings.
Immediate Post World War II Era PDF Print E-mail

SEASON 1946-47 WAS HALESOWEN’S FINEST HOUR (from the Sports Argus November 1949)

Not the least remarkable feature about the history of North Worcestershire (these definitely were good days!!) club Halesowen Town lies in the fact that although one of the oldest Midlands clubs, they have only managed one major trophy, the Birmingham League championship in season 1946-47.

Formed in 1873, many of their early doings are shrouded in the misty past for few records can be traced. The club first played in the Hasbury district in 2 places before moving to The Grove, which they have occupied for over 60 years. Halesowen were one of the Birmingham League founder clubs, taking part in the first competition in 1892_93. It is a matter for some wonderment that they succeeded in carrying on at all for the town’s surroundings were then far from rural than they are today.

The club had many ups-and-downs, more hard than good. Gate receipts as low as £7 yet the players must have been a loyal band for the next Saturday morning would find them at the railway station – there was no road transport – before 9am to travel to Ruabon (Druids), Wrexham, Crewe or Bristol.

Halesowen are believed to be the first team to play at Cradley Heath – a friendly played with The Lukes about 1902 at the corner of Corngreaves, where now stands a large factory.

Among the club’s early presidents was William Jackson, a first class referee who lived a few yards from the ground. Outstanding secretaries have included George Rudge (father of the present mayor Coun. A G Rudge), Amos Partirdge, Will Adams & Percy Rose, that great stalwart who held the record for the longest service with one club in England.

Early trainers included Richard Hackett, grandfather of the present secretary Harry Rudge, George Rrankle & Joe Tye, who concocted a secret preparation for the players to drink, and Henry Edmunds.

Halesowen’s greatest glory was in 1946-47 when the club was reformed after wartime inactivity and with only 3s 4d in the kitty. Mayor Ald. H Parkes, Philip Harris and willing workers got the club going again and a fine team led by ex-Luton player Albert Cook won the Birmingham League championship.

This season things have not gone well but recently there have been wins of 3-1 over Gloucester & 6-1 at bogey team Wellington. In Harry Rudge the club has a young go-ahead sectary with a hard working committee. Tommy Hackett is trainer and Coun G A Southall is chairman.

Here are a few players who graduated from Halesowen to first class clubs:

J Jones (Spurs), W H Jones J Higgins and Beresford (Small Heath) Windmill, Leake,harris, Cyril Spiers, Tommy Smart & Proudler (Villa), Harry Hadley & Nock (Albion), Gill (Swindon), Bishop Gorman & Morris (Wolves), Page & Weston ( Burnley) and Hackett (Derby County). Villa’s Eddie Lowe comes from Halesowen but although a schoolboy there never appeared for the Town.

Halesowen's story is one of many hard struggles but their supporters feel they are on the brink of a more prosperous era.

25 Years and Counting (1986 - 2011) PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 26 July 2011 19:52


As August 1986 approached, Halesowen Town and its’ supporters were eagerly awaiting their first ever match in the Southern League Midland Division.


Merthyr Tydfil Line-Up

Merthyr Tydfil Programme

















Down Memory Lane: 25 Years On! PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 09 May 2011 21:43
Halesowen Town 6 Warrington Town 3 – FA Vase Semi-Final Replay
Halesowen Town teased, tormented and tortured their vast following at Telford before presenting them with another glittering Wembley prize. An amazing 6-3 semi-final replay victory over Warrington Town swept the FA Vase holders to their third Wembley final appearance in four seasons. But the bruising, battling men from Cheshire were finally sunk only when they made the fatal mistake of trying to play Halesowen at their own game.

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